Build Stakeholder Capacity

An important aspect of the EO4SD Forest Management initiative is to enable the stakeholders to utilise the geo-spatial products in a sustainable manner. Therefore, a critical component of the project activities will be the development of capacity among the stakeholders of the International Financial Institutions (IFIs) as well as government and non-government organisations in in the Client States (CS).

This will be realised by a series of Webinars which shall ensure a wide outreach in a cost-effective manner. Additionally more customised in-country Training Workshops are planned. The Consortium will elaborate the capacity building programme using the stakeholder requirements analysis to cater for different programmatic and regional needs. The capacity building activities will introduce the users to the fundamental concepts of the application of EO for forest monitoring and demonstrate the utility of different geo-spatial products for addressing various themes/topics; both theory and hands-on practical exercises are part of the training. In order to ensure a sustainable utilisation of the EO4SD-Forest products the training will be conducted as far as possible using open source software.

At the end of each training a review will be conducted. Feedback from the trainees will be documented during each training event, as this will form crucial information for the future development of the training sessions.